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Lie Detector Test for Soft Tissue Injuries

“Soft tissue injuries are like feelings — they’re real and they hurt but they can be invisible and not everyone believes in them. For these reasons, proving this kind of injury can be difficult.” (

If you’re a personal injury attorney, you know how frustrating it can be when you’re sure a client is suffering after a car accident or other form of injury. But, when the insurance company sends your client for an independent medical exam (IME), all comes back normal, with range of motion (ROM) tests showing no abnormalities.

So, what do you do?

First, remember the value of solid data in the courtroom. Without reliable data, rulings and settlements are made based almost entirely on opinion: a he said/she said dynamic, with more charismatic and/or resume-laden statements often given more weight than more accurate ones.

Next, fight back with data that is backed by more than 8,000 published research studies and an impeccable record of court victories using DynaROM Motion sEMG. This technology detects and documents soft tissue injuries when more traditional methods fail. It is the personal injury attorney’s go-to tool to combat negative IME reports that can contain opinion without data.

That’s because DynaROM simultaneously measures ROM with muscle guarding – a protective response in muscle that results from pain or fear of movement – in a way that’s recognized by the American Medical Association.

Benefits of DynaROM

admissible in court

The big one, of course, is that it detects true injury, facilitating proper care for those injured, while providing an opportunity for attorneys to redirect other clients. Here are more benefits:

  • DynaROM-based evidence is admissible!
  • Measuring muscle guarding along with ROM, a recent review discovered, significantly boosts the specificity – and sensitivity – of both tests.
  • When doing a cost/benefit analysis, this test clearly makes sense.
  • Color graphics make it easy for a layperson to understand pain measurements, crucial when presenting data to juries.
  • This technology is safe, even for children and pregnant women.
  • All is manufactured in the USA.

Contact Your Rock Hill Chiropractic Care Center for DynaROM

Contact us at Kimble Chiropractic Center for DynaROM testing for soft issue injuries or call 803-327-6155. We are also the go-team chiropractic care team in Rock Hill, South Carolina for soft tissue injury treatment. We have been helping people relieve pain successfully since 1959: not by using drugs, but by getting to the underlying cause of the pain using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, decades of experience and gentle care. We explain everything to you, answering your questions in plain English, using a down-to-earth approach. Don’t suffer any longer! Contact us today.

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