Chiropractic Care Center Offers MyoVision DynaROM for Soft Tissue Injury Diagnosis

DynoROM for soft tissue injury diagnosis

We help attorneys achieve their goals. The sooner you settle, the more money you can obtain for your clients – and DynaROM’s objective data provides a documented evaluation of your clients’ injuries.

It can be challenging to confirm a soft tissue injury, making it difficult for attorneys to effectively present their personal injury cases. When the client receives a negative independent medical exam (IME), one showing typical range of motion (ROM) with no abnormalities, that challenge can seem insurmountable.

So, how do you detect true injury while redirecting other clients?

The answer: DynaROM Motion sEMG. Contact Kimble, your Rock Hill chiropractic care center, today to set up DynaROM testing for your personal injury clients.

With DynaROM, attorneys can:

  • Fight IME opinions with data, presented in compelling color graphics, easy for laypeople on a jury to understand
  • Proceed with confidence, knowing that DynaROM is admissible data

This data is:

  • recognized by the American Medical Association
  • backed by more than 8,000 published research studies
  • with an impeccable record of court victories

How DynaRom Works

This technology simultaneously measures ROM with muscle guarding, the protective response in muscle that results from pain or fear of movement. A recent review discovered that this dual testing significantly boosts the specificity – and sensitivity – of both tests.

Three Additional Benefits of DynaROM

  1. This soft injury diagnostic tool is so safe that it can even be used on children and pregnant women.
  2. DynaROM is manufactured in the USA.
  3. A cost/benefit quickly demonstrates its value for your clients.

Ready for DynaROM?

Contact us at Kimble Chiropractic Center for DynaROM testing for soft issue injuries or call 803-327-6155.

We are also the go-team chiropractic care center team in Rock Hill, South Carolina for soft tissue injury treatment. We have been helping people relieve pain successfully since 1959: not by using drugs, but by getting to the underlying cause of the pain using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, decades of experience and gentle care. We explain everything to you, answering your questions in plain English, using a down-to-earth approach.

Photo courtesy of Precision Biometrics, Inc.