Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Care Center Provides Safe, Effective Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Facet joints are located at the back of each spinal bone, two interlocking “fingers” in which many pain-sensing spinal nerves are located. Problems can arise when the typically smooth surfaces upon which these joints glide become inflamed or otherwise irritated, or rough. If someone chooses the surgery route for neck and back pain treatment, these joints are often removed, which exposes the spinal cord.

Lower back pain can also occur with a bulging or herniated disc. This puts pressure on either the spinal cord or the root of a nearby nerve, often leading to tingling, numbness or pain shooting down the leg. The surgical solution of cutting away herniated disc tissue can lead to a permanent reduction in cushioning in adjacent bones – and, ultimately, this rarely gets to the root cause of the problem.

Sciatic nerves are the body’s largest and longest nerves, ones that can reach your thumb’s diameter in size, running down the back of your legs. One of the most common causes of sciatic leg pain is called the vertebral subluxation complex, which can occur along with herniation of the soft pulpy discs separating spinal bones. When nerve roots become irritated or have pressure on them as they leave the spinal cord, intense pain can result in one or both legs.

With any of these painful conditions, drugs may be prescribed to mask the problem, including pain pills and muscle relaxers, or over-the-counter medications can be used to try to deal with symptoms. So can massage, physical therapy, hot packs and more.

Consider a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain or Neck Pain Instead

At a chiropractic care center like Kimble Chiropractic Center, though, specialists locate the underlying causes of problems. This includes a thorough exam and complete case history, with spinal structure and function a prime focus. Then, carefully directed, controlled pressure is used to address spinal structure interference. When people have chiropractic neck and back pain treatment done, their bodies can often respond dramatically to treatment, reducing nerve irritation and, therefore, pain.

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