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Looking to Avoid Back Surgery with Chiropractic Care?

Kimble Chiropractic Center Provides Spinal Decompression Traction Therapy

If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to help relieve serious low back pain, consider spinal decompression traction therapy. This treatment can effectively decompress your spine’s vertebrae, relieving the pressure that can be causing significant amounts of pain. For more information about this time-tested technique, contact us online for a chiropractic care appointment. Or you can call 803-327-6155 today.

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Additional Benefits of Decompression Traction Therapy

Decompression traction therapy can also be used for serious leg, neck and arm pain, providing relief from pain caused by bulging and herniated discs, along with facet syndrome, sciatica and degenerative discs. Pain relief occurs as lumbar and cervical discs and joints are decompressed. The treatment is painless as it reduces pressure. It goes beyond that, however, also promoting blood and fluid flow, and naturally facilitating healing. This treatment can also relieve headache pain.

More about the Chiropractic Care Process

A common cause of back and/or neck pain, for example, is mechanical compression – making decompression a logical remedy. So, our treatment focuses on the direct source of pain. After your chiropractic treatments are completed, you very well may be asked to perform specific exercises to regain strength and control. This is especially important for core muscles.

Chiropractic Treatment Center of Choice in Rock Hill, South Carolina

At Kimble Chiropractic Center, we have been successfully helping people to relieve their pain since 1959, focusing on the underlying causes of the pain (whether chronic or more acute) and not using drugs. Instead, we provide gentle care using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Patients tell us how they appreciate our down-to-earth approach and how we answer questions in plain English. When you are feeling better, you may choose to continue seeing us for wellness care.  Many of our longtime patients have been with us for years because they understand that chiropractic care will keep them feeling great.

So we invite you to contact us online for a chiropractic treatment appointment. Or you call 803-327-6155 today.

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