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Chiropractic is a specific, natural method of addressing spine and joint misalignments to restore function to the nervous system, so the body can heal and self-regulate, as it was designed to do. Chiropractic care is based on the vitalistic philosophy that everything works together as one connected unit.

Our services include:

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Spinal Decompression


Our chiropractic practice offers gentle and effective spinal decompression therapy, which provides targeted relief for spinal disc disorders to help you restore mobility and relieve pain.

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Neck and Back Treatment

Discover relief and renewal with our professional chiropractic therapy, which is dedicated to properly managing neck and back concerns in order to restore comfort and improve overall well-being.

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Auto Accident Injuries


Trust our Accident Injury Chiropractors to provide personalized and comprehensive care, specializing in effective rehabilitation and pain management for patients injured in automobile accidents and other mishaps.

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K-IV Laser Therapy


Our chiropractic laser therapy, a cutting-edge treatment developed to expedite healing, reduce inflammation, and promote general wellbeing for a pain-free and invigorated lifestyle, will revitalize your body.

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Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy


Kimble Chiropractic Center uses deep heat to enhance blood flow to muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments in order to treat bursitis, tendonitis, and sprains.

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Extremity Pain Treatment


For tennis elbow, runner's knee, carpal tunnel syndrome, and frozen shoulder, we employ joint mobilization to alleviate discomfort, enhance mobility, and hasten healing without splinting, medicines, or surgery.