Therapeutic Ultrasound Physical Therapy


Therapeutic Ultrasound Physical Therapy machines create deep levels of heat, which increases blood flow in a targeted area of the body – which then enhances the healing process. This therapy is used on soft body tissue, including your muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. If you’re in need of relief, contact us online to discuss therapeutic ultrasound physical therapy or call 803-327-6155 today.

More Specifics about Therapeutic Ultrasound Physical Therapy

The ultrasound machine creates and sends high frequency sound waves deep into tissues targeted by your chiropractor. These sounds waves create action called cellular friction, which is when molecules in your body rub together. This is what produces the heat that triggers the healing process. It’s important to not confuse therapeutic ultrasound with diagnostic ultrasound, which is a method of seeing inside the human body.

Therapy Application

It’s typical for us to use five to ten watts for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Patients often don’t feel anything – or, if they do, they may feel a slight amount of a warming and/or tingling sensation in a localized area. This can be used for bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and much more.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Physical Therapy in Rock Hill

We’ve been providing chiropractic care since 1959, and our philosophy – that of gentle care – has not changed. Our philosophy of focusing on the underlying causes of pain and treating them without drugs hasn’t changed, either. Technology, of course, does change and improve and, at Kimble Chiropractic Center, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to treat chronic and acute pain alike.

Our approach? Down to earth. The way we explain therapy to you? In plain English, answering all of your questions. Many of our longtime patients are so pleased with our chiropractic care and gentle therapy that they continue their treatments because they understand that chiropractic care will keep them feeling great.

So we invite you to contact us online for a chiropractic treatment appointment. Or call 803-327-6155 today.